Book Reviews

REVIEW— Mata Hati Kita, The Eyes of Our Hearts

Mata Hati Kita, The Eyes of Our HeartsCompiled by: Angela M. Kuga Thas and Jac SM Kee Petaling Jaya: Gerakbudaya Enterprise, 2016, 142 pages The recent widespread impression that religion, especially Islam, is to blame […]

Issue 19

Film Review: Kuala Lumpur SDN. BHD.

Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd.Director: Andrew Ng Yew Han Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd., a documentary film by indie filmmaker, Andrew Han, premiered in October 2015 as part of the annual KL Eco Film Festival, now in […]

Issue 17

Mobilizing around Inequality in Malaysia and Singapore

Survey data and pundits alike located the root of pivotal opposition gains in the most recent elections in Singapore (2011) and Malaysia (2013) in economics—specifically, rising costs of living, fear of declining opportunities, and awareness […]

Issue 13: Monarchies in Southeast Asia

The Monarchy in Malaysia: Struggling for Legitimacy

The Monarchy in Malaysia: Struggling for Legitimacy Lately, there has been a resurgence of scholarly interest in the political role of the monarchy in Malaysia, as manifested by the publications of recent studies by Kobkua […]

Issue 6

Re-Opening the Debate on Malaysian Elections

The following essays are based on the analyses and findings of the IKMAS Electoral System Research Project (Phase I) and the Phase II survey of “Voters’s Perceptions on National Issues, Economic Optimism, Education Corruption and […]

Issue 6

Francis Loh Kok Wah on Malaysia

Thank you Mr. Chairman, Acharn Giles. Friends, I have always been studying the people on the sides rather than the leaders. I started studying the coolies in the tin mines, and then I started looking […]

Issue 5

Women, Islam, and the Law

         Hjh. Nik Noriani Nik Badlishah, editorIslamic Family Law and Justice for Muslim WomenMalaysia / Sisters in Islam / 2003 Gender, Muslim Laws and Reproductive RightsDavao City / Pilipina Legal Resources Center, Inc. / 2001 […]

Issue 5

Women and Islam in Malaysia

There is tremendous preoccupation with Islam in Malaysia today. Unfortunately, much of it is focused on form rather than substance, the effects of which are largely felt by Muslim women. Malaysia portrays itself as a […]

Issue 4: Regional Economic Integration

Malaysian Chinese Business: Who Survived the Crisis?

         In the not so distant past, as economic growth was gathering pace in East Asia, Chinese enterprise was widely considered a significant factor in the process described as the Asian economic miracle (World Bank […]

Issue 4: Regional Economic Integration

Malaysian Chinese Business: Who Survived the Crisis? (Abstract)

         The authors examine how the 1997 Asian financial crisis affected Chinese-owned businesses in Malaysia. They suggest that size, sector, debt, and diversification were important factors in determining which businesses succeeded and which failed. Large […]

Issue 4: Regional Economic Integration

Mahathir’s Economic Legacy

Jomo K.S. is a professor in the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya. This essay appeared in Aliran Monthly (vol. 28, no. 8), along with other articles on the theme of “De-Mahathirizing Malaysia.” It is an edited version of his new introduction to M-Way: Mahathir’s Economic Policies, a collection of essays available from Gerakbudaya ( Aliran can be read online at […]

Issue 4: Regional Economic Integration

Sumatran Villagers Sue Japan over ODA Dam

Before Tanjung Pau village disappeared under the reservoir of Kotopanjang Dam, the ethnic Minangkabau who lived in that remote corner of central Sumatra, Indonesia, once held an elaborate ceremony for 2-month-old babies. “It was called […]